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A peaceful tour of Vietnam with Gurgaon Call Girls service part 2

How do you feel after reading my first article, have fun playing, because the Gurgaon Call Girls girl is waiting for your answer, Please cast a reply, and read the other parts of the article, in this also you have written the vehicle about delicious food only, Read it and entertain yourself,


Lẩu:-  It is a mix of soup, in which the vegetables, meat, fish and herbs like peppermint are added, I also enjoyed this soup, but in my life, I used this unique soup for the first time in my life, This was a unique experience of food for me, I am a stroller nature and the country keeps on getting away from home, but I had tasted this taste for the first time, Gurgaon Escort  is like to this soup because she is from Vietnam and she love this soup.


Cháo:- It is a kind of congee, which is made by mixing all kinds of meats, It is made by mixing it with rice filings, Those who do not use all types of meat and fish should use it only by keeping it in the diet, Because Indians do not eat all kind of meat, I used the same vegetarian soup


Cháo long:- It is prepared by other organs of the pigment, It is made by preparing food for a  rice, and pork kidney, liver and heart, Do not try those people who do not consume pork


People of Chinese Origin use a lot of noodles, so here some kind of noodles are prepared, Because of this, Indians have also started liking noodles, The girl of the Gurugram Escorts service also likes noodles, so when we came to Vietnam, she was very happy to see the variety of noodles, Right below, I'm going to tell the variety of noodles, seeing that you will understand yourself what I'm trying to say,


Bún măng vịt:- It is prepared in combination with bamboo branches and  meat of ducks,  , This is a fair place in the entire country, because Vietnam's bamboo cultivation is very loud, and people use it for food and drink, The people of Vietnam keep their body in high security, so people here drink the same food which is very suitable for the body, And this food is very beneficial for the body, You can also taste bamboo cum duck noodles, We and the Gurgaon Cheap Escort  tasted it, which was very tasty.


Bún Ốc:- This noodle is prepared with two very nice seafood, It is prepared by combining it with snail and vermicelli, which is very good for your heath, Heat hot soup will keep you away from the cold air,


Bún riêu:- You can also use this noodle in India, because whatever the noodles are prepared together, it will be found in India by the East, It is prepared with a thin noodle of rice, The first noodle is boiled in hot water for some time and then in it, the crabs are inserted into small parts, Then it is added to the shrimps paste, And then it is eaten with a sauce made with tomatoes, ginger, garlic, peas, and  herbs eaves,


Mì bò viên:- This food is not according to the Indians, but for those foreigners who will read this article, let me tell them that this meal is a type of chinese noodles, It is also called egg noodle soup, along with egg, beef is also used,



Pho:- FO is also a non-vegetarian, noodle soup, it also uses a variety of meats, In this noodle, the meat is prepared with a spice and noodle for a very long time, You can make it with different meats, In it, onions, garlic and ginger are also used, These noodles are mainly made in the month of spring, In it, onion is mixed in plenty, these noodles are not particularly for the Indians, because it is also used beef, We and the Mg Road Escort girl thought that it would be drunk, but now we know that beef is used in it, so we have not touched it,


Hủ tiếu:- This is a special type of noodle which is eaten with soup and chutney, These noodles are made in combination with eggs and rice, in many places it is also used in meat, You can try egg noodles, me and keyword girl eat this noodle one time Because we specifically said that you make only Egg, do not use any kind of meat in it, so if you want to try this so before eat you can know about its ingredient, this is very tasty noodle, 

Sticky Rice dishes in Vietnam  


Banh chung :-


Sticky rice is cooked by putting it inside the banana leaves, and then it is peaked on top of the bean of mung, And then it is added to the mixture of black pepper and meat, and then cook it and eat it


Here you can also enjoy pastries, pastries are called Bánh here,


Bánh bao:- It is a type of Salty pastry in which the onion and spices mix together, Inside you can also make vegetables by putting it, some special people make it by filling it with Egg or fine meat, These are both vegetarian and non- vegetarian.

I end this article today, you will read more in the next article , Because I want you to do tour whole of Vietnam with good  manner, But remember one thing that whenever you go, take the Gurgaon Escorts girl together, because your enjoyment will double with them.


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